The Court Affiliates project brings together judges, court administrators, and other judicial
officers to discuss, implement, and educate on the use of technology in the administration of
justice. The website serves two purposes: on one hand, it provides a private discussion forum
designed to cultivate lasting relationships between courts and adjudicative administrations, and
on the other a centralized hub of informative resources, continuing the drive towards useful,
efficient, and economical technology in the legal world.

Our administrators and contributors work tirelessly to cultivate a dynamic and educative
environment. Through our Blogs section, the Court Affiliates team keeps you up-to- date on
technological advancements and their use in the legal sphere, detailing benefits and analyzing
implications. Our moderated Discussion section provides a welcoming platform for networking
and debate.

Information is nothing without application. In our Training section, the Court Affiliates’
programs offer users both the tools and skills they need to implement new and emerging legal
technologies. Finally, in our Job Postings section we provide a specialized platform for both
employers and job seekers.

At its core, the Court Affiliates project focuses on community. In bringing together all those
who work in the legal sector and offering a forum in which recent technological developments
are discussed and shared, it is our vision to build a strong and cohesive community. We hope
you will join us.